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Cibil Defaulters Home Loan | Personal Loan | Mortgage Loan

PersonalLoan For Cibil Defaulters

Are you a personal loan defaulter ?

Are you tried many banks for loans and failed ? then give us a try.

A Good lawyer can win a case and bad lawyer will lose that same case.

Why ? because of lack expertise, knowledge and experience.

We are expert in getting loan approved for people who have bad cibil or low score. Applying through us to any bank or financial institution will improve your chances of getting loan sanctioned. We have experts working with us. We have knowledge to get loan approved and we also have the experience,  as we are doing this work since last many years.

Home Loan For Cibil Defaulters

Living in you dream home is everyone’s dream but many are not able to fulfill it. Because of mistakes done in past. There is a sense of achievement a sense of accomplishment when you are living in your own home

The only problem standing between you and your dream home is your low cibil score  

Cibil rating goes down when you are not paying Emi’s on time or you have default any type of credit card or loans intentionally or non intentionally. Bank does not care, why you did this.  When such is a scenario. No bank or NBFC will sanction loan to customers who are defaulters. Bank want customers who has good track record of paying loan. Who will pay them back on time. They don’t want to run after customers for their own money,

Even if you have good track record now and had bad cibil earlier bank will still decline your application as they look for character of person. Person who pays on time has good character and intention of paying it back. And those who had defaulted many loans or card in past and now they are  paying on time, bank knows he wants to apply for loan now so he is paying on time.once he gets loan approved then he will again default it.

 Mortgage Loan For Cibil Defaulters

Will  you give your money to your someone, who dumps your money, or don’t  give it back to you on time or Even after continuous follow up?

Answer is simple  NO..

Same questions come to mind of banker,

Bank’s also don’t want to give loans to people who don’t defaults payment or doesn’t pay back their money and they don’t want to run after them for their own money.

So they check cibil record. To see whether this person has capability of paying it and intention of paying it back.

Call us if you have done such kind of mistakes in past. We are ready to help you. We don’t guarantee that we will do your case. If we are unable to get your loan approved we will help you to repair your credit score.

Loan against property for cibil defaulters

We have sanctioned many loans for customers  who were having cibil problems in mumbai region, We have done personal loan high value cases upto 31 lakhs to clients  who had bad cibil, Some of our clients are Jet Air CTO, Reliance JIo GM,  Inventurus Director, Accenture Manager Solutions Architet of Orion India systems and also of Project Manager of Orion., MBBS Doctor of Reliance Hospital.  TCS Manager, Mseb Engineer, Cipla Marketing Manager, Icici and Yes Bank Employee. and many others.

Who we are ?

We are a channel partner ( DSA ) of multiple banks. We do loan from banks, Cooperative bank Nbfc, private finance if required. 

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