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  • Home Loan For Cibil Defaulters In Mumbai

Cibil Defaulters Home Loan in Mumbai Thane


The only thing that comes in between you and your dream home is your CIBIL REPORT


Decision of loans and credit card applications. Almost all banks and NBFC’s today go through the applicants cibil report. Bankers look at a number of factors to decide that if you have ability and likely to repay the loan. Apart from your cibil report and cibil score. Other than CIBIL Credit Information Score & Report, below points have a strong effect a bankers decision to decline or approve a loan application.

Low cibil score home Loan in Mumbai Thane Kalyan


Collateral – What other assets you have such as a car, or savings account, fixed deposit which can be used as a secondary source of repayment.


Credit Usage

·         Do you pay your bills on time?

·         Have you used credit before?

·         Do you have a good credit history ?



Do you have to repay other loans ?   

Are you having a job or business or any other source of income?

Do you have ability to repay the loan? 

Is your monthly income sufficient to cover your monthly obligations, as well as other day-to-day living expenses?

Is your family dependent on you ?

Are you the only earning person in your home ?

How many other obligations do you have, and how does it impact you. How does this payments effect  on your monthly income?

Cibil cases Home Loan in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai


The banker calculate your income to debt ratio using the credit report. The information, that is on your cibil report the banker comes to know about your character and ability of paying back the loan, whether they should grant it to you. If the banker is satisfied with your capacity to take on additional loan. He will approve your loan.

Home Loan For cibil cases in Mumbai Kalyan and Thane.

Below are the Required documents, When you apply for a loan you fill up an application form along with the like

PAN Card Copy,

Address Proof i.e. Passport Copy, Addhar Card is Mandatory nowadays

Income Proof, Salary Slips,

Form 16 for the previous 2 years,

And Latest 6 months bank statements.

with all the mandatory details like your name, address, date of birth, occupation and income, marital status and any other details required by the bank, Based on this details given by you the banker checks your CIBIL Report and Score. Your credit behaviour and you chances of paying back the loan,

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Home Loan For Cibil Defaulters In Mumbai

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