Home Loan For Cibil Defaulters In Mira Road Bhayander

Home Loan For Cibil Defaulters In Mira Road Bhayander


Loan for cibil defaulters can help you realize your dream of buying your own house. Loan for cibil defaulters has made the procedure of applying for a Home Loan very simple.

Choose the city where you intend to purchase the property.

Choose your city of residence

Enter the approximate market value of the property.

Opt for the purpose of the loan. This entails making a choice between purchasing residential ready property, residential plot, residential plot + construction, residential under construction or home extension loan. Each of these loans has a separate procedure.

Enter your annual income

Choose your employment type

Enter the required loan amount

Enter a few personal details

Enter your phone number

Enter your email address

Accept the conditions and proceed further

Home Loan For Cibil Defaulters

After completing the above process, We will call you and discuss the case with you and email you list of documents required  for home loan. You just have to keep all your documentation ready, we will send our person along with the application form and the Loan for cibil defaulter team will contact you and assist you in the all process.

The banker will verify all your documents. The next step is the legal scrutiny and valuation. Banks have appointed panel of advocates and evaluator’s to do this for them.

A personal discussion (PD ) between the banker and the customer is the next step on the agenda. The banker usually meets the borrower at their residence to get accurate information about the borrower’s income, investments, property,  and also the origin of source of funds to meet the down payment requirements. This is a sort of a pre-sanction inspection carried out by the bank.

Once the verification and pd and legal processing are over, banks provide you with a loan sanction letter which contains the terms and conditions of the sanction of loan. In case you choose to accept them, you need to sign a copy and give it to them.

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