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Loan For Cibil Defaulters

Loan for Cibil Defaulters 

A person with bad cibil record or history should hire a lawyer as every one knows a bad lawyer can lose the case and a good lawyer can win the same case Why ? because of experience and expertise. Here is where you need a lawyer like us, who will help you get your loan approved, So this is place we specialize. We are experts in it. We are experienced and have good knowledge in getting loans approved. We have done case of Genral manager of Reliance Jio, CTO of Jet Air CTO, Director of Inventurus Knowledge Solutions Pvt Ltd, Solutions Architect of Orion India systems and also of Project Manager of Orion. Accenture Manager, TCS Manager, Mseb Engineer, Cipla Marketing Manager, MBBS Doctor of Reliance Hospital. Icici and Yes Bank Employee, Co-op Bank Employees, Call Center and Bpo executives and many others.

Let me give a example.

Will you lend your money to your friend or money who has taken money from you or your friend or your relatives once or many times and not returned it on time or never returned you  or them their hard earned money. The answer is obliviously NO. Why ? As you know his behaviour, like that bank and finance companies also check your cibil report to know your behaviour. Whether they will get their money back and that too on time. They don’t want to lend money to people who are not likely to pay them or pay them on time. They don’t to lend it to every one and run after them to get their own money back.

What do bank and NBFC want ?

Bank and finance companies want a good track record of a person paying loans or credit cards on time in past and current. Also a good cibil or credit score, if one of them is missing, then more chances are that your loan will get rejected, if you have not settled or written off any cc or loan but have missed some payments due to some reasons then too the chances are your loan will get rejected.

So if you have defaulted any credit card or any loan in past or have missed any payments this is where our role comes into play.

Do you have a Low cibil or credit score ? Have you settled your credit card or any loan in past ? Are you a cibil defaulter ? Have you not paid your emi’s on time ? Have you missed your Loan Emi’s? Have you missed your credit card due date ? Is there any loan or credit card written off on your credit report ? Is there huge amount of credit card debt on you ? Is your credit score low due to above reason or some other reason ? Are you having a bad credit history ? Do you want to consolidate your credit card and other loans ? Have you taken many small loans and now want to convert them into one single Emi ? Have you done many enquires that’s why your cibil score is low ? Do you a loan without cibil check ?

Home Loan For Cibil Defaulters

  Cibil score goes down automatically when you do late payment of any Emi or default any type of loan or credit card.  When this happens no bank will provide loan to customer who has such bad track of repayment. Bank look for the customers who has good track record of paying loan. Even home loan is a secured loan. 

Home loan is a secured loan. where property is used as security in case if the borrower fails to make payments on time they can take over the property legally. Which means that you will get home loan easily.. the answer is NO.. All cases are not getting approved by the bank and finance companies. if they would have approved all cases there is no need to check your cibil report. but they check cibil record of all loan applicants to see your intention of paying the loan and the capability  to pay it and your current financial position. if you have any bad repayment track of any loan or credit card they wont approve your case

 Personal Loan For Cibil Defaulters.

 How to get your loan approved with low cibil score ?

 We will prepare and present your case in bank or NBFC. We know the loop holes in every bank and NBFC as we are tied up with more than 20 bank and NBFC’s. We will login and work on your case and get it approved. You leave that to us. You just submit the required documents and necessary information to us and relax, we will work hard on your case and get it approved. if you are looking out for personal loan for cibil defaulters in mumbai then call us on 9324-120-120

Personal loans are very difficult to get approved as it is unsecured loan even if you have good credit score. forget about getting your loan approved if you have bad cibil score. Credit score is the entry door to get the case logged in.  But if you have settled a personal loan or credit card then its a tough job getting a loan sanctioned. Or if you have a written off any credit card or any loan then getting a loan is a nightmare, Banks or NBFC’s check your credit report before approving your score. As it shows your financial health.  And how likely you are going to pay they them. we specialize in loan for cibil defaulters in mumbai region

Mortgage Loan For Cibil Defaulters

Mortgage loan is also a secured loan where property is mortgaged to meet your financial needs.. Even if you are ready to mortgage your property bank look for your loan repayment capacity and you credit history and current track record of you loans. If you have bad cibil score then here too its difficult to get your case approved. Its not easy, but we manage to get your loan sanctioned in short period of time. We do cases of self employed and salaried persons. Who are unable to get loan any where, because of missed payments or low cibil or written off or settlement of any credit card or any type of loan.

Now get Personal loan without cibil check in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Kalyan, Dombivili, Bhayander,  Mira road, Vasai Virar, Asangaon, Titwala, Badlapur,  Ambernath Neral and Karjat region. Even if you have bad cibil score.


 If you are looking out for Personal loan for low cibil score between 550 to 600. 

Criteria : One guarantor if he lives in his own house in Mumbai region.

               2 guarantors if customer lives in a rented home.

The emi would be around 5100 to 5500 per lakh for 36 months as the tenure is less. 4% Processing fee and 4% Foreclosure charges.

The guarantors should be working and should live in their own house or parental house not a rented one.


Try our services before you submit you documents in any bank or nbfc or any Agent. 

Advice :- Do run after agents who say they will do you loan and give them money. Don’t waste you time, energy and money after them.  

Our Promise : We Dont Charge Money in advance. We charge once you get your loan amount in you account, not a single rupee before it.

List of major cities in India where Banks provide Home loan, personal loan and Mortgage Loan.

Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Nashik, Faridabad, Meerut, Rajkot, Kalyan & Dombivali, Patna, Vadodara, Ghaziabad, Ludhiana, Agra, Varanasi, Srinagar, Aurangabad, Lucknow, Kanpur, Nagpur, Indore, Thane, Bhopal, Vasai Virar, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, Pune, Pimpri & Chinchwad,Visakhapatnam, Allahabad, Ranchi, Haora, Coimbatore, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Vijayawada, Dhanbad, Amritsar, Navi Mumbai, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Madurai, Raipur, Kota,  Tiruchirappalli, Bhubaneswar, Salem, Ulhasnagar, Nellore, Jammu, Sangli, Miraj, Kupwad, Belgaum, Mira Road and Bhayander, Kolapur, Ajmer, Gulbarga, Jamnagar, Ujjain, Loni, Siliguri, Jhansi, Guwahati, Chandigarh, Solapur, Aligarh, Jalandhar,Mangalore, Ambattur, Tirunelveli, Malegoan, Gaya, Jalgaon, Udaipur, Maheshtala Thiruvananthapuram, Hubli and Dharwad, Bareilly, Moradabad, Mysore, Gurgaon,  Durgapur, Asansol, Nanded Waghala,Bhiwandi, Saharanpur, Gorakhpur, Warangal, Cuttack, Firozabad, Kochi, Bhavnagar, Dehradun, Noida, Jamshedpur, Bhilai Nagar, Guntur, Bikaner, Amravati,

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How to Remove Disputes from Your Cibil Report ?

It could be quite shocking if your loan or credit card application is rejected due to your poor credit score even if you had maintained a good track record of credit behaviour. 

How to Remove Disputes from Your Cibil Report?

It could be quite shocking if your loan or credit card application is rejected due to your poor credit score even if you had maintained a good track record of credit behaviour. Your credit activities are reported by your lenders to the credit bureaus. It is sometimes possible that your credit report can contain errors as human work is involved in updating the credit report.

For example, your name or address might be misspelled, your credit limit misreported, or the status of a loan account which is closed might not have been properly updated. Sometimes, such mistakes might also signify ID theft and fraudulent activity. Getting these errors rectified can have an immediate positive impact on your credit score.

Steps to Remove Disputes from Your Credit Report

If you find any errors in your credit report, it is very important to file a dispute immediately and get it corrected. Errors can be committed either by you while giving information, or by your lender while updating your credit behaviour and account information, or by the credit bureau. However, these can be easily corrected and updated.

You can file a dispute on the official websites of the credit bureaus in the following easy steps:

Step 1: Download the Dispute Resolution Form and clearly state your query in the space provided. Be as accurate as possible, as this will help with faster processing.

Step 2: Once you have filled in the form, you need to attach a valid, self-attested copy of Identity Proof (voter ID card / driver’s license / passport / PAN card – any one) and Address Proof (Copy of electricity bill / landline telephone or mobile bill / credit card / savings / current account / other bank account statement / gas utility bill / ration card – copy of any one)

Step 3: You need to send the form along with the self-attested documents through courier, regular post or speed post to the address mentioned on the official website of the credit bureaus.

Guidelines for sending the dispute form and supporting documents:

·          Keep in mind the all photo copies should be properly self-attested.

·         Make sure that ID card numbers and photographs are clear and visible.

·         If you are sending any utility bills as way of address proof, then it should be within three months from the current date.

·         Make sure that you are sending in copies of valid ID proof documents at the time of sending the dispute form.

·         The name and address on the ID proofs should be of the requestor and there should be no mismatch

·         The address should be clear and visible

Typically, it takes up to 30-45 days for the error to be corrected. The credit bureaus cannot make any changes on its own and will update the status only after it gets the requisite authorization from the lender concerned.

It is very important to follow up to check that the errors have been rectified and the correct status is reflected in your credit report.



  • How to Remove Disputes from Your Cibil Report ?
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How to Remove Disputes from Your Cibil Report ?

How to Remove Disputes from Your Cibil Report ?

It could be quite shocking if your loan or credit card application is rejected due to your poor cred
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